Public Sector

Helping government agencies speak more than one language.

We bridge language gaps in Germany and abroad.

Whenever necessary, we help government agencies and ministries in local, regional and national government address their citizens in a foreign language and to communicate their own interests on an international stage. Our translations include press releases, brochures, official information and forms, as well as documents for international tender procedures compliant with official regulations.

States must – and also want to – address people living abroad using suitable and comprehensible language. Embassies, consulates and cultural institutions are the main actors in this public dialogue. Furthermore, our specialist translators provide services for non-government organizations (NGOs) operating abroad.

All of these tasks require more than just linguistic and technical expertise on the part of our specialist translators. They must also be entirely familiar with the respective culture in the country of interest, as this insight can make a substantial contribution to overcoming communication barriers.

Public sector agencies and consular services very frequently demand that translated documents are certified. We can provide a 360° service, as many of our specialist translators working on behalf of the public sector are sworn and certified, and are therefore authorized to produce official translations.

A competitve edge thanks to multilingual online presentation

Companies need to remain competitive and to address (even potential) customers as directly as possible, which means in their own language. But this principle is equally true of cities and local government authorities, if one considers the increasing pressure they face to present themselves on an international stage, and to attract and convince investors, companies and tourists. We can help here. After all, we are experts in the translation of websites and have already contributed to innumerable tender procedures on behalf of public sector institutions.

We translate your:

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Signed and sealed for a digital age

Only a publicly appointed and sworn translator is entitled to issue certified translations. We have a large network of specialist translators in a variety of industries, who are authorized to produce certified translations.


Creating unprecedented quality through active quality management

We do not compromise in terms of quality. We have developed a proprietary quality management system to deliver peerless quality, whatever your requirements may be.

Security and Data Privacy

Open words on confidentiality

Customers also demand that we satisfy their own particular security standards. We are certainly willing and almost always able to comply with the security standards our customers uphold.

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