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For an attractive layout in your foreign-language document

No doubt you put a great deal of effort and love of detail into producing your brochure, company magazine or manual. Now you need to translate the documents into several languages and create suitable artwork? We can help you meet these requirements. After all, we are entirely familiar with all the pitfalls and have suitable solutions up our sleeves: at Toptranslation, specialist translators and graphic designers work hand in hand. Our DTP team makes sure that your layout looks just as appealing in the foreign language as it does in the original version.

There are a number of particular aspects in a translation that may lead to difficulties in the layout and design:

Here’s our solution for you

We deliver a one-stop solution to make sure you have as little trouble as possible with the issues described above. Our specialist translators professionally prepare your documents in any of 50 languages, while we will automatically create precisely the layout you need.

We make sure that your files have uniform formatting even before we start translating. If necessary we can also produce your tables and indexes or handle the text elements contained in your charts. Above all, we will optimise your typesetting and layout in the target language. We have experience of all the different character sets and can even accommodate scripts running from right-to-left or top-to-bottom. This allows us to adapt the layout precisely to suit the specifications of your corporate design.

Just contact us if you are unsure how to handle unusual file formats or have questions concerning a particular layout. Together we will come up with an ideal solution for your layout requirements. In any language! When necessary, we consult closely with your responsible department to convert the entire layout design to accommodate the needs of your translation. After typesetting, you will receive the foreign-language document in a suitable layout program (e.g. InDesign) or as a PDF document.

The better the copy, the faster the results

We are pretty versatile, but not magicians. This is why we inform our customers if a document may cause problems during translation. In many cases there will be more suitable versions and formats of a problematic document available. This can substantially speed up the entire process of translating and then typesetting the text. Our short guide to producing documents gives you a few pointers here.

A short guide to producing documents for smooth translation

Our services at a glance

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Signed and sealed for a digital age

Only a publicly appointed and sworn translator is entitled to issue certified translations. We have a large network of specialist translators in a variety of industries, who are authorized to produce certified translations.


For when it really counts

We offer the triple control principle to accommodate translations that must adhere to the highest standards. An experienced editor puts the finishing touches to your texts and adapts them perfectly to suit the intended purpose and target group.

File Formats

Formats don’t stop with Word and Excel

We translate smoothly into all standard file formats and can also convert more complex formats to ensure you receive your translations in the precise technical specs and layout you need.

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