Everything starts with the source text.

Maybe you are looking to address a target group (in a foreign language), but don’t yet have a text? In other words, you still need to produce your marketing texts and product descriptions in German and other languages? We’re here to help.

We operate as a one-stop service provider for language solutions. That’s why we collaborate with highly qualified copywriters producing text in broad range of mother tongues. For instance, we can commission a professional copywriter to produce your marketing texts in German, and then have your copy translated and edited in whichever foreign languages you require. Alternatively, we can simply bring in a native speaker to produce your source text in the languages of your choice. The latter option is usually advisable if you only need the text in versions other than German.

We also have seasoned, qualified authors to produce journalistic texts and scientific papers to appeal to a broader audience. Perhaps you require an accessible version of a market research study or regular, easy-to-read reports of events? Or you are looking to present medical issues to a broader audience? Maybe your company is involved in content marketing and you simply need good texts. Whatever the subject of your texts may be, the solution remains compellingly simple: Just get in touch with us. We are certain to have a copywriter who meets your requirements.

Many of our specialist editors are PR or marketing copywriters, while others work as journalists in a broad range of specialist fields. We also have a direct line to highly qualified authors of source material.

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Pens at the ready, please

Has a foreign-language TV station broadcast a report on your company? Do you need a translation of the text? We are happy to transcribe and translate audio and video material for you.


Signed and sealed for a digital age

Only a publicly appointed and sworn translator is entitled to issue certified translations. We have a large network of specialist translators in a variety of industries, who are authorized to produce certified translations.


For when it really counts

We offer the triple control principle to accommodate translations that must adhere to the highest standards. An experienced editor puts the finishing touches to your texts and adapts them perfectly to suit the intended purpose and target group.

Ciara Rodriguez, Team leader Account Management, Toptranslation
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