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Toptranslation creates compatibility

The most important aspect of collaboration with IT and IT-driven companies is ‘compatibility’: Synchronizing programs and information frequently causes difficulties. Let’s be honest: Language barriers simply add another layer of complexity. We help create compatibility, even when language barriers would otherwise get in the way.

Individual solutions for your software

We have already teamed up with our customers to create innumerable, specifically tailored e-business services and processes. You can always count on us to deliver the ideal solution that perfectly matches your needs, whether it is app localization or APIs for the direct integration of an e-shop, a content management or PIM system to our translation backend. Alternatively our IT team can develop custom solutions that meet your needs precisely.

For instance, you can send texts you would like translated to us directly from your system. You can also track the progress of your jobs at any time. Translated strings can be fed straight into your system – skipping the laborious procedure of importing and exporting documents or converting in and out of various formats. We have developed system interfaces that ensure the automated and encrypted transfer of your documents. They allow us to work with any format and system, a flexibility that we use to accommodate the very particular workflows in your company.

Comprehensive localization for unbeatable user friendliness

We receive increasingly frequent localization enquiries, especially in the area of software applications. While English used to be the preferred language for computer and software translations, these days even smaller applications, tools and mobile apps are made available in a range of languages. Nowadays ease of use means ease of comprehension. It is therefore here particularly important for the specialist translator to be able to assess which terms need to be translated, and which others are considered acceptable as international standards in the target language. This is why all of our IT translation experts are university graduates with several years of confirmed professional experience in the industry. We use customer specific glossaries and translation memories to deliver high-quality, consistent translations with cost efficiency that you will notice.

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API Interface

Your translation is just one click away

Are you looking to internationalise your company website or to run your e-shop in several countries? Our REST-API (programming interface) lets you simply transfer text directly from your content management system – or any other application – to our system.

Security and Data Privacy

Open words on confidentiality

Customers also demand that we satisfy their own particular security standards. We are certainly willing and almost always able to comply with the security standards our customers uphold.

Translation Memories

Save time and money. Increase consistency.

Translation memories speed up the translation process, as entirely identical sections or wordings never have to be translated twice. They also ensure consistency in how your company communicates.

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