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Reviewing the content and style of texts and translations

Texts intended for the public presentation of your company or organization must adhere to the most rigorous standards. In terms of formality as much as content. The principle is true of translations, source texts, digital publication and printed materials. It may be advisable to have your texts edited to ensure they are as appealing as possible to readers. We call it the ‘triple control principle’.

Editing in foreign languages

A foreign language edit proceeds as follows: a translated text is proofread by a second specialist translator (‘dual control principle’) and then reviewed by a further language expert (‘triple control principle’). The editor checks the texts according to your particular needs, which you can define through a number of criteria:

Editing is more than just correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation (proofreading). Here the emphasis is placed on the content and style of your texts.

The editor will maintain a clear focus on the target group, the text category and on how it is to be disseminated, and in the course of this work will propose changes in style and possibly also content to produce the best possible text in each situation. Editors are equipped for this task as they are also native speaker translators with additional qualifications in the industry for which they are editing.

The text does not necessarily have to be a translation.

In some cases it is merely a question of reviewing and improving the source material. We are equally delighted to help here: our editors are perfectly equipped to finesse the style of your texts, to give them that final polish, so to speak. So the texts do not need to be translations.

The more information you can give us on what you would like from your translation the better; this enables our editors to produce the best text for you, without delay. Here are a couple of points that can help you best prepare for the editing of a text:

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Everything starts with the source text.

Maybe you are looking to address a target group (in a foreign language), but don’t yet have a text? We can help!

Technical translation

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Here is the key question: For what purpose do you need the translation? We provide three job levels to accommodate different requirements: Basic, Expert, Premium.

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