'It took just a few months to launch our service in a number of countries. So we needed a translation partner who could keep up. We were always delighted with the high quality and quick deliveries we received from Toptranslation.'

Benedikt Franke - Chief Executive Officer, Helpling

The benefits for

Expertise in the translation of editorial website content and legal texts
Rapid order fulfilment thanks to modern technical solutions
Easy control and complete transparency on the customer dashboard: the status of translation projects is shown at all times
Support during assignments by an experienced project manager

The challenge

Developing at a dizzying pace, the bustling startup Helpling expanded on to the international market shortly after launching. This speed is also reflected in the need for translations: The various contents of the service platform required translation into several languages within a very tight schedule. They included legal texts like contracts, terms and conditions or privacy statements, but also the website’s editorial content. Besides absolute precision, the speed of translation is absolutely essential.

Why pick Toptranslation?

Companies expanding on to international markets need more than just descriptive translations. It is just as important to adapt the legal content to the target region. Companies like Helpling with an ambitious focus on rapid international growth will have translation needs that are as urgent as they are extensive. Toptranslation has particular expertise in the field of legal texts, so it is no trouble at all to find the most suitable technical translators to handle major internationalisation projects for companies like Helpling. The network of specialist translators at Toptranslation’s disposal comprises over 4,600 professionals across all time zones. This means that customers can book their translation jobs any time they please – and we can deliver at the drop of a hat. Using modern technologies such as translation memories speeds up the process and reduces the price even further.

An experienced project manager ensures that everything runs as smoothly as possible for Helpling: All translations are delivered by one person. Helpling always has complete control over its assignments: all data are accessible on the central customer dashboard, which also displays the project status on a variety of devices.

The company

Helpling now operates in over 200 cities and is therefore the most widely available online platform to book trusted home cleaners. After starting the company in spring 2014, it took the founders just two months to expand their services into Austria, France, Sweden and the Netherlands. Today the young startup provides home cleaners in twelve countries around the world. Including Australia, Brazil, Singapore and Dubai.

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