Efficient collaboration using the Toptranslation dashboard

We see collaboration as efficient cooperation without roundabout routes or red tape. The Toptranslation dashboard lets you conveniently share jobs with individual persons or entire teams. Invite your colleagues or even external partners to contribute to your jobs. Each invited person uses their personal Toptranslation dashboard to access the jobs, putting an end to the laborious back and forth of files and formats.

Invite individual contributors

Anyone you wish to share a job with will receive an email with a personal invitation to contribute. These users simply confirm the email invitation to receive immediate access to the job on the Toptranslation dashboard.

Now they can edit or add documents, order translations or even invite other persons to join. This way you can manage your jobs as a team. A particularly handy feature is that you can remove or issue access rights for certain persons and jobs any time you like. It is entirely up to you to decide who can access your jobs.

20/20 vision: create teams and invite them to contribute to jobs

Creating teams can make your work clearer. For instance, the teams may consist of colleagues from another department in your company or even several individuals from external companies. This allows you to share jobs with entire project groups. It takes just one click to share jobs with whole teams instead of laboriously inviting each member individually. You can add new members to your team at any time, or remove individuals as needs be.

What’s more, you can access the activity logs for your jobs on the Toptranslation dashboard at any time. This way you will always know who has made what changes to a job and which members have joined the team.

The features at a glance:

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Because simple is good.

You order and receive your translations simply and easily on your dashboard. Our convenient tracking feature lets you check the progress of your projects at any time! And if anything changes – for instance your address, account data or cost centres– just go to the dashboard to let us know.

API Interface

Your translation is just one click away

Are you looking to internationalise your company website or to run your e-shop in several countries? Our REST-API (programming interface) lets you simply transfer text directly from your content management system – or any other application – to our system.

File Formats

Formats don’t stop with Word and Excel

We translate smoothly into all standard file formats and can also convert more complex formats to ensure you receive your translations in the precise technical specs and layout you need.

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