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Transcription means a precise written version of spoken words. For instance, this may involve a listener making a written copy of a speech or a song, or a typed copy of a script used in a TV or radio show.

Transcription as a preliminary stage in translation

Transcription is a key intermediate step if film or audio recordings need to be translated ; this involves typing up the spoken text word-for-word. Only once this source version is complete, can the translation be produced.

We employ native speakers to create the transcript, the identical written copy. A different language expert, also a native speaker, then produces the translation. This person takes the text from one language and creates a new version in his or her mother tongue. Our process prevents mistakes in listening comprehension and ensures that you receive an authentic translation of outstanding quality.

If you like, we can also have another specialist translation review the text afterward. This is advisable for particularly critical jobs, such as the translation of a commercial or an image film.

Transcription as a single service

It is not always about translating film or audio recordings. Sometimes it is merely a question of obtaining a precise written version, such as for a recorded speech or interview for example. This may be needed for a company’s press clippings, to create a written document of film and audio recordings or to prepare subtitles. This is why we also provide transcription as a single service.

We transcribe and translate your:

What must you bear in mind?

It is wise to clarify the following aspects as early as possible to ensure that transcribing your audiovisual material proceeds as smoothly as possible:

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Because languages vary from place to place

We make sure that you get the message across to your international target group precisely the way it is meant. Specialist translators, all of them native speakers, localize your texts to suit the particular linguistic characteristics of each language area.


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Only a publicly appointed and sworn translator is entitled to issue certified translations. We have a large network of specialist translators in a variety of industries, who are authorized to produce certified translations.


Creating unprecedented quality through active quality management

We do not compromise in terms of quality. We have developed a proprietary quality management system to deliver peerless quality, whatever your requirements may be.

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