Technical Solutions

Simple, effective and secure

Toptranslation drives innovation Our technology lets us provide your services quickly, reliably, safely and at low cost. This is why we develop tailored and innovative technical solutions for your individual requirements.


Simplicity is key in the operation of our systems. Simplicity saves times and removes the root causes for mistakes.


Our technology smoothly blends a variety of services within one process chain. This produces the highest linguistic quality and consistency, quick delivery times and substantial cost benefits.


Security is second to none. It is at the heart of everything we do on your behalf. We protect your data against loss or corruption, and also from prying eyes. The security of our systems matches that of our most discerning customers and even exceeds most levels required by law.


Because simple is good.

You order and receive your translations simply and easily on your dashboard. Our convenient tracking feature lets you check the progress of your projects at any time! And if anything changes – for instance your address, account data or cost centres– just go to the dashboard to let us know.

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Efficient collaboration using the Toptranslation dashboard

The Toptranslation dashboard lets you manage your translation jobs flexibly and conveniently in a team. Translation jobs can be shared with individual persons or entire teams.

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API Interface

Your translation is just one click away

Are you looking to internationalise your company website or to run your e-shop in several countries? Our REST-API (programming interface) lets you simply transfer text directly from your content management system – or any other application – to our system.

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Translations straight from your system

We provide plug-ins that are compatible with many standard content management systems to make the translation process even more convenient for you.

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Terminology databases

Your texts, your wordings

Unwavering use of your company’s particular terminology ensures that you maintain effective and consistent style and communication in all languages worldwide.

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Translation Memories

Save time and money. Increase consistency.

Translation memories speed up the translation process, as entirely identical sections or wordings never have to be translated twice. They also ensure consistency in how your company communicates.

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eProcurement (OCI)

Your order processes remain unchanged

We use an OCI (Open Catalog Interface) to connect our IT with your eProcurement system. Our quotes and invoices are transferred directly to your eProcurement system, where they can be shared by the department in charge.

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File Formats

Formats don’t stop with Word and Excel

We translate smoothly into all standard file formats and can also convert more complex formats to ensure you receive your translations in the precise technical specs and layout you need.

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