Kaspersky Labs GmbH

The objective

‘This project involved producing a German translation of an English advertising slogan for a current product by Kaspersky Lab. So just translating the words would not have been sufficient. Instead it was essential to adapt the advertising claim.’ The challenge was to embed a key word from the source slogan in a German sentence. The customer was involved throughout the process. We produced a number of alternatives for the customer to choose at its discretion.

Why pick Toptranslation?

A number of advertising banners were broken down to prepare a technical concept. Collaborating closely with Kaspersky Lab, we then produced a number of alternatives to transcreate the advertising slogan. The actual product, its message, the target group and the source slogan all required particular consideration in this process. Ultimately we succeeded in producing a succinct and effective campaign slogan.

The company

The company: Kaspersky Lab is represented in almost 200 of the world’s countries and regions. It is headquartered in the Russian capital of Moscow. Kaspersky’s holding company is registered in Great Britain.

In total, Kaspersky Lab employs a work force of over 2,800 highly specialised experts in 30 branches worldwide. Around 300 million people and approximately 250,000 companies use its broad range of products and solutions to protect their IT systems. Kaspersky suites provide protection to a broad customer base, with a particular focus on small, medium-sized and large companies.

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Ciara Rodriguez, Team leader Account Management, Toptranslation