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From daily newspapers to e-books

There’s no way round the fact that publishers mainly handle text. They are the guardians of almost all texts that have been, or indeed will be published. In this case we do not consider music, film or similar publishers to be typical of the industry, even if they occasionally translate a film poster or calendar.

Texts are published in many different forms and styles. And when we speak of translation, each of them requires a highly specialized, qualified language professional. Whether it’s novels, a book on popular science, a features article on music theory, a commentary on an international treaty, travel accounts or historical texts – we are versed in them all. In a nutshell: We have, or will find precisely the right translator you need, whatever the kind of document you have. And if it’s not a translation?

Maybe an original text? Editing? Or perhaps some advice on localization? We are still your first expert port of call.

How publishers can reap maximum rewards from digital transformation

These days, publishers deal with more than just the production, distribution and dissemination of traditional printed products. They are also active players in online business, offering content for an immense variety of devices, including e-book readers, smartphones or tablets.

And while this may be challenging, it can offer just as many opportunities: Readerships are increasingly breaking down into the consumers of traditional products and interactive users looking for more than just a passive experience of browsing and appreciating text. They want to comment, share and network.

Publishers will therefore need to market their content to accommodate these different needs and trends. Marketing is becoming increasingly multichannel, and each platform has its own particular language.

We do more than simply translate the literary, technical or journalistic content of your published products. We are equally adept at accurately localizing your marketing texts and the content you post on social networks. This way you can prove thoroughly convincing upon first contact, by using precisely the right vernacular to address even your international target groups.

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Everything starts with the source text.

Maybe you are looking to address a target group (in a foreign language), but don’t yet have a text? We can help!


For when it really counts

We offer the triple control principle to accommodate translations that must adhere to the highest standards. An experienced editor puts the finishing touches to your texts and adapts them perfectly to suit the intended purpose and target group.

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