One industry, a rich technical parlance

From public utility companies to wind turbine engineers

How do we at Toptranslation deal with the immense variety encountered within the energy sector and all the different requirements this entails for translations? We are equipped to cope with any particular scenario.

Our service is highly individual

Even if the meaning of the term commodities appears perfectly evident at first glance, it actually implies a whole lot more. And the increasing flood of news and technical documents washing over us as the number of market niches, companies and stakeholders rises, is simply indicative of this fact. What’s more: for some years now the energy sector has become the focus of more substantial public interest.

It has woven its web around the globe, and now generates immense demand for technical translations. What makes this situation so challenging for Toptranslation and our specialist translators is the immense diversity of segments within the industry and the separate terminology they each use.

We have the right specialist translator for your project

Companies that manufacture wind turbines, whatever their size, are bilingual in the languages of energy and mechanical engineering. They will also be accomplished in business-speak, marketing and international contract law, to name just a few examples. Nevertheless, these companies belong to the same industry as public utility works, a regional buyer of solar electricity or a company extracting raw materials, for example. Many companies in the industry are equally unaccustomed to more recent demands that their output is made comprehensible to a broader audience.

Given all the necessary information on your text and target group, as well as your company and its culture, you can be sure that we find precisely the right specialist translator for your project. Our network comprising over 4600 specialist translators from a plethora of industries gives us the certainty we need to confidently locate precisely the language expert your project needs.

What our customers in the energy sector have to say

“ is an ideal partner for professional translation services in our industry. We deem the cooperation to be fair, honest and very reliable. The translation work delivered fulfills our high expectations and is of very high quality. We are looking forward to a fruitful working relationship.”

GE Water & Process Technologies Deutschland GmbH

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