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Translation as an integral part of product presentation

Of fashion and search engines

Trade is a precursor to globalization. It has always brought people together from all four corners of the globe, and not just in times of the world fairs, the Hanseatic League or the Rothschilds. So it is hardly surprising that specialist retailers in particular – even leaving aside the Internet – rely on high-quality, technically flawless translations . It is essential that customers understand the products on offer, no matter where they live or which language they speak.

This means translation and commerce go hand in hand.

A translation of the product information, tailored specifically to the needs of the local market, must be prepared for all imported goods, regardless of the source language.

We use our specialist translators to produce texts describing the products that you wish to export, and we can, on request, have experienced editors review and add the finishing touches to your translations. Not only do our editors know and understand the correct specialist terms in the requested language, they are also attuned to the cultural mentality of your customers.

For instance: Fashion is by nature a fairly transient thing. So terms and their meanings are in a constant state of flux, too. This is why we cooperate with specialist translators and editors who work at a college of fashion and in other relevant areas. They are always up-to-date with the latest trends, and entirely at home with the latest developments in the areas of design, materials and marketing. Nothing is beyond their grasp. And they are just as familiar with more traditional crafts and skills.

Everything you have read here applies just as much to furniture, consumer electronics, information technology, household appliances and much more.

Search engines are just as much target groups.

It doesn’t matter whether you focus exclusively on e-commerce, multi-channel or on traditional stationary commerce – it’s all about raising your profile and making sure you can be found. On the Internet, too. We are able to optimize our translations to make sure the search engines lead prospective customers straight to your products and services. But this means the specialist translator must be familiar with typical search habits for certain products and product groups. Ultimately, they will also differ from country to country and from target group to target group. Not to mention the ebb and flow of fleeting trends.

Here’s what our customers have to say

‘We believe in style and love the classic look – just like our customers. So we wanted the internationalisation of our shop to be in the hands of professionals. Toptranslation convinced us with its superb service and outstanding technical translations.’

Cécile Gaulke Chief Executive Officer, Rebelle

We translate your:

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Because languages vary from place to place

We make sure that you get the message across to your international target group precisely the way it is meant. Specialist translators, all of them native speakers, localize your texts to suit the particular linguistic characteristics of each language area.

Transport and Logistics

Barely ordered, already delivered

One could say that smooth international networks are more important in logistics than in any other industry. Globalization and the increasing speed of international commerce are continuously pushing up the volume of international transport, while the international flow of goods has long since become part and parcel of everyday business for retailers.


Globalization, even without Esperanto

Lexical exactness is not the top priority in advertising and marketing. The ‘touch and feel’ are far more important in these industries.

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