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“That I may understand whatever binds the world’s innermost core together.” *

From biotechnology to the humanities

More than ever before, modern research and education are networked on a global scale, yielding a bubbling fountain of new knowledge across all areas of science and academia. Innovation and international collaboration cannot work without the successful pooling of research results. This is true of national and university research, as well as on a corporate level.

Individual stages of research will frequently be relocated abroad, so the results will not be collated and developed until a later stage. This makes translation a key element of research. Later on, the new insights and theories need to be communicated globally – to experts and partners in the respective disciplines, but also to the general public or within the institutes of higher learning themselves. This involves all kinds of translation services. Laboratory reports and surveys need translation just as much as scientific papers, technical articles and teaching materials.

We have the right specialist translator for each discipline.

Besides scientific and corporate research, exporting education is becoming an increasingly large international market: For some time now, university research and teaching have not been restricted to the institution’s geographic location, and are instead transported throughout the world and all its manifold language areas. Foreign partners require speedy access to treatises, position papers and presentations.

The range of disciplines for which Toptranslation actively provides translation services extends from biotechnology to the humanities. These translations require substantial expertise on the part of the professional translators and editors. Our database listing around 4600 specialist translators allows us to locate the perfect translator for each discipline – and just the right editor too, should you need one.

Getting there thanks to expertise and modern translation software

Many documents produced within science and education contain complex diagrams with text elements, which can make the translation process somewhat tricky. In some cases this text cannot be edited. We respond by producing individual solutions to make sure we can return your document in a single language and in precisely the format you need. Our system gives you remarkable flexibility and efficiency, as it is no longer necessary for you to laboriously export your documents into other formats or to edit them individually.

Our specialist translators have many years of professional experience in their respective sectors. The texts they produce posses the linguistic and technical expertise needed to work in the worlds of university teaching or scientific research. Moreover, we use modern software and translation memories to ensure consistent terminology in the target language.

* “That I may understand whatever binds the world’s innermost core together.” - Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe, Faust I

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Translation Memories

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Translation memories speed up the translation process, as entirely identical sections or wordings never have to be translated twice. They also ensure consistency in how your company communicates.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Specialist translations in all areas of medicine

The immense diversity of the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries places extraordinarily stringent demands on our translators’ specific skill sets.

Desktop Publishing

Translation – Layout – Design: Everything from one source

Are you looking to have your company’s brochure translated into several languages and also need graphic artwork for the document? You have come to the right place ! After all, we are all too familiar with challenges these can pose, and know just how to deal with them: The key is the direct cooperation of specialist translators and graphic designers at Toptranslation.

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Ciara Rodriguez, Team leader Account Management, Toptranslation
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