‘We were particularly concerned that the translation of our website and app would let us speak authentically to our global community. Toptranslation made this wish come true.’

Bernhard Bahners - Chief Executive Officer, GmbH

Benefits for

Specialist translators and editors with profound knowledge of the linguistic idiosyncrasies in each region
Additional editing on request to ensure maximum authenticity of key statements
Faster, consistent translations thanks to a regular team of translators and editors
One contact for all languages and projects

The challenge

Besides the browser version, the app is the central access point to the services. This app requires translation and localisation in 14 languages. The app needs a punchy description in the App Store to motivate users to install the service. In every country. In any language. The navigation page, the buttons, the contents and the channel information also need to sound authentic in the target languages. All translations for are scrutinised by an additional editor to make sure they are up to this task.

So three translation professionals need to be coordinated for each language combination. A specialist translator produces the texts, which are then checked by a second, independent translator. An additional editor is then brought in to ensure everything is up to scratch. So as a whole, the project involves a whopping 42 translators and editors.

Why pick Toptranslation?

Toptranslation uses specialist translators and revisers with additional qualifications in software to work on the texts for the app’s user interface. Additional editors living in the target country are then brought in to check the precision of language chosen for the key texts. The editors are perfectly familiar with the linguistic flourishes used in the local media and will immediately recognise any disparities, for instance if the wording of a button would jar. They give the translations a final polish.

Proceeding this way gives the assurance it needs that all translations will deliver maximum authenticity. The app is perfectly adapted to suit linguistic styles and dialects in 14 different languages. Toptranslation assembles a dedicated pool of regular translators and editors to ensure that this kind of translation project lasting several months runs without a hitch. This guarantees additional consistency and speed in the processing of translations.

The whole project could not be easier for An experienced project manager at Toptranslation looks after all of the jobs, interfacing smoothly between the customer and the translators. This way, always receives its translations from just one person.

The company is Germany’s largest radio platform. Founded in 2007, the company runs the international radio platform – launched 2015 – in Germany and in nine other European countries. brings together over 30,000 radio channels, web radio and podcasts, and has clocked up more than six million monthly users worldwide and 19.5 million app downloads.

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