How can you spot a good marketing text, and what does it want? Attention!

The purpose of marketing is to cultivate an image and to communicate a brand in its most consummate form. Companies use snappy slogans, claims and marketing texts to appeal to the emotions of their prospective customers. They hope to motivate consumers to buy products, to change their attitudes toward a company or brand, or simply to publicize their latest releases.

So how is it done? Originality!

The language of marketing uses a variety of tips and tricks to engender positive feelings toward a brand or product. Marketing texts tend to be written in extremely pared down language (slogans and claims). They are chock full of metaphors and play with the turns of phrase and sociocultural background of their target groups. Language used in advertising is extremely figurative and bursting with active verbs, vivacious adjectives and sometimes very original neologisms. The latter category seeks to emphasize the product’s innovative spirit and unique quality. Marketing texts drift somewhere between the language of art and an artificial language. This creates boundless opportunities to address a target group with absolute precision and to appeal to its sense of individuality. The cleverly crafted stylistic elements of the language are designed to appeal to emotions, capture attention and to be memorable. Ideally, customers will identify personally with the content described in the advertising.

However, the more different kinds of figurative and original elements used to address a certain target group in a marketing text, the harder it will be to translate and may be incomprehensible to international target groups.

So which difficulties is the translator likely to encounter?

Marketing texts are therefore immensely challenging for translators. They will need to be extremely eloquent and stylistically adept in the source and the target languages: Not only will the translators have to recognize and to understand wordplay or other linguistic subtleties, they will need to be skilled in adapting the message for the target culture. For instance, in many cases images and associations rooted in western culture can only be adapted for Asian cultures along roundabout routes. But you don’t even have to take the cultural difference that far. A simple glance at German and English sayings is enough. For example, ‘vom Regen in die Traufe’ (from out in the rain to under the eaves) becomes ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ in English. A completely different image!

The creative streak in any translation expert will really be put to the test if this kind of advert is accompanied by specific artwork. So literal translations will quickly prove inadequate when faced with advertising claims. In this field, our specialist translators are not just experts in foreign languages: They are also copywriters and creative thinkers. At times there are innumerable possible translations for source texts – slogans for instance.

So which solution do we offer? Creativeness and linguistic ingenuity

We only commission specialist translators with many years of confirmed, professional experience in the marketing industry to produce your texts. This way we can ensure that your advertising claim is perceived as intended in other countries. What’s more, most of our translation professionals live in the country where the target language is spoken, and are therefore perfectly familiar with everyday slang and wordplay, clichés and symbols.

If you have time, so do we: Our translators will be far better equipped to localize your message for a foreign country if they have a good understanding of your product and company. For this reason, the support you receive does not just start with the translation. We are also more than happy to contribute our intercultural expertise during the concept phase. Together we can ensure that your advertising message makes an even bigger splash in the target market.

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We translate your:

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Because languages vary from place to place

We make sure that you get the message across to your international target group precisely the way it is meant. Specialist translators, all of them native speakers, localize your texts to suit the particular linguistic characteristics of each language area.


Globalization, even without Esperanto

Lexical exactness is not the top priority in advertising and marketing. The ‘touch and feel’ are far more important in these industries.


Everything starts with the source text.

Maybe you are looking to address a target group (in a foreign language), but don’t yet have a text? We can help!

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