Professional translations for the tourism sector: Basel Tourism picked Toptranslation.

Basel Tourism picked Toptranslation.

Not every chef de cuisine, backpack tourist or business traveller will speak Swiss German

Matthias Drabe (CTO

Benefits for Basel Tourism

One dedicated translator per language combination for the entire project
Terminology databases for uniform brand identity in all languages
One contact for all languages; delivery of all languages in one document on request
Weekly reporting on translation progress and costs incurred in this extensive project
Specialist translators and revisers with additional qualification in the areas of tourism and marketing

The interview

Alessa Hartz (COO Toptranslation) visited Basel Tourism to speak with Matthias Drabe (CTO about how he experienced cooperation with Toptranslation, and about what Basel Tourism expects from its long-term collaboration.

Toptranslation: 'Basel Tourism is based in Switzerland, of course. What made you choose Toptranslation?'

Basel Tourism: 'The technical quality of the translations won us over in particular, also the quick responses we received to our questions. The transparency of your quote and the consideration of our specific requirements were additional factors that spoke in your favour.'

Toptranslation: 'Why did you not pick a local translation agency?'

Basel Tourism: 'Strictly speaking, the agencies in Switzerland do not operate locally any more. They outsource their translations to other European countries as well. I was also very concerned to work with an agency that possesses extensive experience in the tourist sector. And that is certainly true of Toptranslation.'

Toptranslation: 'What pleases you most about your collaboration with Toptranslation?'

Basel Tourism: 'Toptranslation gives us a personal contact for all relevant languages, who is completely abreast on how the project is progressing. This saves us a lot of effort in terms of coordination and allows us to concentrate on our actual tasks.'

Toptranslation: 'Is there anything you would like to see improve?'

Basel Tourism: 'We would certainly welcome the ability to send web content directly to Toptranslation via our CMS.'

The Company

Basel Tourism looks after promotion and brand identity for the Basel region in Switzerland and abroad. The organisation has defined the motto 'Culture Unlimited' to further the interests of the high-growth city of Basel within the tourism sector, and in doing so creates tourist services for a broad variety of target groups, including individual and business travellers as well as tour operators.

The challenge

Basel Tourism plans to relaunch its website This will involve translating large sections of the website into English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Download the case study

Download the case study (PDF) or print a copy here.

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Your contact
Ciara Rodriguez, Team leader Account Management, Toptranslation