Quality is more than a promise

Quality management

Quality is not an advertising promise at Toptranslation; it is embedded in our corporate culture and tangible in every text we translate. We invested right from the start to create this culture: In bright minds like Paulina Kernchen, our internal auditor for ISO 9001, who is firmly in charge of quality management. Initially, she worked as a project manager at Toptranslation for 12 months in order to understand all the facets of our services.

We have used her knowledge on the requirements of the international quality management standard ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 for translation service providers to develop comprehensive quality management processes that by far exceed mandatory levels.

Consistent analysis and improvement

Today, Paulina Kernchen controls everything that happens within project management and the fulfilment of services. To make sure we produce satisfied customers. She keeps a keen eye on our internal processes and on how things proceed with external providers and translators. Consistent analysis of our data and rating system allow Paulina to develop just the right measures to keep our workflow exactly the way you need it.

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Three-stage selection procedure

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Feedback management

Measurable, systematic quality assurance

We will find the most suitable specialist translators for your project thanks to our 360° rating system.

Security and Data Privacy

Open words on confidentiality

Customers also demand that we satisfy their own particular security standards. We are certainly willing and almost always able to comply with the security standards our customers uphold.

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