API Interface

Your translation is just one click away

Are you looking to internationalise your company website or to run your e-shop in several countries? Our REST-API (programming interface) lets you simply transfer text directly from your content management system – or any other application – to our system. It takes just one click to order a new translation. And thanks to webhooks the texts make their way back to you just as effortlessly – in exactly the same format as your program. This way, managing even larger translation jobs just couldn’t be easier, as applications such as content management systems, ERP or e-shops connect smoothly with our API. Here is how you benefit: You can always tell at a glance how your project is progressing and even track the work along each step of the way.

Individual solutions, tailored to your needs

Just ask, and our IT team will join with you to develop a special plug-in that lets your system connect with the API . Laborious data transfer by email or manual imports and exports of individual documents are confined to history. Sources of errors are substantially reduced, and everything moves faster. The API lets you access your user account from a different website or on a mobile device. So you can manage your translation jobs with perfect ease on the user interface of your choice.

Resources for developers

Links, documents and contact options that may interest you as a developer.

API documentation

Our API documentation helps you get started on developing with our API, and provides detailed descriptions of all features you will find in the Toptranslation API.

Our system status

Our status page gives you up-to-the-minute information on how our systems are currently operating, and provides timely notification of any malfunctions or scheduled maintenance.

Contact our developers

Some questions are best dealt with the straightforward way. Here’s how to contact our team of developers directly.

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Because simple is good.

You order and receive your translations simply and easily on your dashboard. Our convenient tracking feature lets you check the progress of your projects at any time! And if anything changes – for instance your address, account data or cost centres– just go to the dashboard to let us know.

Security and Data Privacy

Open words on confidentiality

Customers also demand that we satisfy their own particular security standards. We are certainly willing and almost always able to comply with the security standards our customers uphold.


Creating unprecedented quality through active quality management

We do not compromise in terms of quality. We have developed a proprietary quality management system to deliver peerless quality, whatever your requirements may be.