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Police reports, claims and surveys are all part of the daily routine in the insurance business. But theft, property damage and accidents can happen both at home and abroad. In such cases, the necessary documents like protocols, invoices and surveys must be properly translated for processing by the respective insurance companies. It may also be necessary to provide comprehensible and accurate versions of documents for foreign agencies or insurance firms.

In addition, we receive translation jobs from insurance companies for complex contracts to protect companies operating worldwide from the possible risks of trading abroad.

The right expert for every area

What makes translating in the insurance sector so challenging is the immense diversity of the subject matter. The translations always need to use the right terminology, whether it is property law, corporate law or even medical reports. Moreover, it is imperative that the translator is familiar with the statutory provisions in each country in order to word correspondence with foreign agencies and insurance firms correctly. This is the only way to successfully assert detailed insurance terms, claims and contracts in other countries.

'We offer you specialist translations prepared by genuine industry insiders to meet the extraordinarily diverse range of language services required: Each of our translation professionals and editors has many years of relevant experience within the insurance sector and additional expertise in the necessary area of law. Our large pool of qualified translation specialists allows us to guarantee that each job will be handled by a suitable translator to ensure a consistent standard of quality.'

Documents requiring certification can also be entrusted to us without a second thought; Many of our specialists in the insurance industry are authorized to certify texts or are officially appointed and sworn translators.

Specialist translations for faster customer service

Regardless of the source language, we will find and commission a suitably qualified specialist translator to reproduce your insurance documents in the target language, quickly and easily.

You will receive our prepared quotes within 30 minutes, and if necessary, we will start translating the minute you confirm. With our express service, we can even deliverwithin 60 minutes. This way you can provide your customers with even faster assistance if they become embroiled in claims or legal disputes abroad.

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Creating unprecedented quality through active quality management

We do not compromise in terms of quality. We have developed a proprietary quality management system to deliver peerless quality, whatever your requirements may be.

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