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Specialist translations in all areas of medicine

From package inserts to scientific papers

The healthcare sector and pharmaceuticals industry cover several specialist fields and therefore require very different translation services. This applies in human medicine, veterinary surgery and in food research.

Even minor mishaps in a translation can have grave repercussions in all of these areas. You will need professional translators with profound skills to be completely safe.

Expertise as a remedy for risks and adverse side effects

Whether it’s a package insert in French, a research paper in English, or an operating manual for medical devices in Korean – we have the right translators to fulfil your requirements. We know how important it is to ensure correct reproduction of user instructions, clinical findings and laboratory reports, so all of our specialists have many years of professional experience in the industry in which they translate.

The area of healthcare and pharmaceuticals is so diverse that we demand pin-point specialisation from our translators. The distinctions we make extend beyond the mere branches like the pharmaceuticals industry, medicine or bioinformatics, and apply instead to specialty niches within the individual fields themselves. In this way our specialist translators and editors ensure correct adaptation of your documents in the target language while avoiding the grave repercussions of any mistakes.

Let’s not forget, though, brand communication and the dissemination of extensive information materials are also important in the various segments of the healthcare industry. Thankfully, we also have a large pool of translators specialized in the area of marketing at our disposal. We recommend that customers also book an editor to handle extremely technical marketing documents. This means that another specialist translator from the healthcare sector reviews the finished text once the marketing expert has completed his or her side of things. Our dual control principle grants you peace of mind that the style and content of your translated marketing documents will satisfy your rigorous standards.

Here’s what our customers in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries have to say

“Our readers demand high standards, which made it particularly important that our texts were translated not just by native speakers, but by real industry insiders. It never took longer than two hours to translate our texts.”

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