How to spruce up your website for international markets

Our guide to the internationalisation of Web shops and company websites

Is your company looking to hit the international markets and successfully position your product abroad? If so, it is wise to adapt your homepage to suit the audience in specific countries.

Our 39-page guide full of handy tips and practical examples provides clear instructions on how to adapt your website to international standards, including topics such as:

  • Internationalising the IT
  • Planning and implementing project management
  • Selecting the right translation service provider

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42% of users will only shop online if the products are offered in their own language.

‘You need to build the right IT foundation before you can localise your website.’

Houman Gieleky, CEO Toptranslation
You can find helpful tips and infographics in our free 39-page whitepaper

Illustrative artwork is a useful tool in designing your website. But it is important to export any text elements to a separate image plane. This allows the translator to edit the texts without changing the pictures. Or even better: place the captions and descriptions outside of the image.

Make sure that your website layout can be modified. After translation, alphabetic lists need to be rearranged to maintain the sequence. It should also be possible to adjust dates, times and addresses to suit the customary styles in specific countries.

In Web shops and company websites!

It’s never been this easy to establish an international presence. Our Whitepaper - International guarantees successful localisation of your Internet presence. From day one, we can help you prepare thoroughly for the challenges of internationalisation, ensuring easier localisation for your target markets down the line.

Save valuable time and money. Make the necessary arrangements today to ensure smooth expansion tomorrow.

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