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The name Toptranslation says it all: Translation is the core of our business world. But the full range of our services is far broader. As well as offering specialist translations in 53 languages, we also provide revision, editing, transcription, certification and content production. If a text does not require translation, if the text has already been translated for example, our specialists can also work on your project as copywriters, technical authors or editors.

We also help by designing your (foreign language) layout. Our team of graphic artists and translators would be delighted to handle your requests!

We are perfectly aware that in many cases a translation is just one cog in the wheels of a far larger project. This is why our experienced project managers ensure that coordinating translations costs you as little effort as possible. So your hands are free for more pressing concerns.

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Our key services

Technical translation

There is more than just one

Here is the key question: For what purpose do you need the translation? We provide three job levels to accommodate different requirements: Basic, Expert, Premium.


For when it really counts

We offer the triple control principle to accommodate translations that must adhere to the highest standards. An experienced editor puts the finishing touches to your texts and adapts them perfectly to suit the intended purpose and target group.


Everything starts with the source text.

Maybe you are looking to address a target group (in a foreign language), but don’t yet have a text? We can help!

Other services


Signed and sealed for a digital age

Only a publicly appointed and sworn translator is entitled to issue certified translations. We have a large network of specialist translators in a variety of industries, who are authorized to produce certified translations.

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Because languages vary from place to place

We make sure that you get the message across to your international target group precisely the way it is meant. Specialist translators, all of them native speakers, localize your texts to suit the particular linguistic characteristics of each language area.

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Desktop Publishing

Translation – Layout – Design: Everything from one source

Are you looking to have your company’s brochure translated into several languages and also need graphic artwork for the document? You have come to the right place ! After all, we are all too familiar with challenges these can pose, and know just how to deal with them: The key is the direct cooperation of specialist translators and graphic designers at Toptranslation.

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Pens at the ready, please

Has a foreign-language TV station broadcast a report on your company? Do you need a translation of the text? We are happy to transcribe and translate audio and video material for you.

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Technical Editing

Producing content to meet customer wishes and statutory requirements

You need a user manual to ensure the launch of your new product runs smoothly? Our technical editors would be delighted to help.

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