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We help you to speak the language of your customers in a way that gets your message across – in 53 languages.

We provide over 80 per cent of our translations in the languages German, English, Spanish and French. But we do offer plenty of other languages in addition to these frequent combinations. Toptranslation has a network comprising 4,600 language experts.

Feel free to ask, even if you have not found the language you need in our list! We will look for – and find – just the right, qualified translator. For you, and for our database. It is possible when dealing with extremely rare languages that there is no translator able to work directly in these. In these cases, we can use a bridge language like English, Russian or German.

Here are some key facts about our main translation languages:


Concise meets precise

Anyone translating from German into English or vice-versa will quickly realize that it involves more than just juggling two different languages, but also very different lengths of text.

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Voulez-vous please be polite?

French people view their language as sacrosanct . It’s no coincidence that the French have their very own Académie française – a scholarly institution that watches over and controls how the language is used.

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¿Por Favor? Please don’t.

Spanish is a global language: Counting bilingual people, estimates suggest that 450 to 500 million people around the world speak Spanish. So Spanish is the fourth most widely-spoken language after Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and English.

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More than just ‘short, sharp and to-the-point’.

“German is highly structured and precise: Short, sharp and to-the-point. We tend to use more subordinate clauses in Italian; we make it sound positive and appealing by adding a more descriptive flair.”

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Blunt, in a roundabout way

What does a Russian person mean when they ask another person to do the following: “Do you not want to go for a walk?” Well, they may mean exactly what they say. But they could also mean: “Skedaddle!”

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Complex - at second glance

At first glance, Polish appears relatively easy. Comparatively. People translating between Polish and German benefit from the fact that “both languages tend toward precision and clarity.”

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Well, what kind of Portuguese?

Portuguese is a language spoken in the relatively small country on the western outreaches of the Iberian Peninsula. But that’s not all - it is spoken in plenty of other places too.

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A sign of respect

Every single travel guide on Japan will, at some point, provide the following piece of advice: Be friendly, polite and reserved when visiting Japan! After all, people in the land of the rising sun attach a lot of importance to a respectful tone.

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