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Technical documentation as part of the success story

Building language is a lot like piecing together the various parts of a machine

Made-to-measure, standardized, reusable and when possible maintenance-free – these requirements are placed not only on machine components, but also in the specific language used within an industry. They apply to the source text for technical documentation and also to its translations.

This is why it is essential to have translators with profound, specialist knowledge to produce foreign-language versions of your technical documentation. They must be familiar with the specific industry jargon, and use this correctly and consistently across any number of different projects. Our three-stage selection procedures allows us to ensure that only the best specialist translators will work on your texts: they are seasoned professionals with years of experience working in the industry for which they translate. And above all, they have proven their skills to us on multiple occasions.

Modern software for greater efficiency

We are perfectly aware that consistency and comprehensibility are key factors within technical documentation. This is why our specialist translators use modern translation software that recognizes previously approved content, to help the translator consistently maintain the established technical terminology.

We apply this system to achieve an unparalleled degree of coherence in our translations, remaining consistently faithful to your corporate language to prevent any possibility of misunderstandings. Our approach fosters effective communication with your customers and partners, and enhances the trust they place in your brand and your products.

Translation and translation-friendly writing

If you like, our specialist translators will also edit your source texts and optimize them for later translation. This means that the texts are written to accommodate a broad variety of uses and media, and that key terms will be saved in a language database from the outset. Our procedure simplifies and speeds up translation of your technical documents, while ensuring that you save time and money.

We use the skills and experience we have acquired in an immense range of projects to improve the entire language services value chain , from which your technical documents can only benefit. Your workload will ease immediately if you are no longer responsible for handling all the tasks involved in the commissioning of translation jobs, checking the texts and passing them on to their respective departments.

This procedure ensures that with Toptranslation at your side, your technical documentation can become yet another building block in the successful development of your core business and sales.

We of course also have suitable translators for other departments within manufacturing companies, whether it is for your marketing texts or tender documents, contracts or your correspondence with suppliers and business partners. Simply get in touch, and we will be delighted to find just the right translation professional to accommodate your needs.

We translate your

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Creating unprecedented quality through active quality management

We do not compromise in terms of quality. We have developed a proprietary quality management system to deliver peerless quality, whatever your requirements may be.

Translation Memories

Save time and money. Increase consistency.

Translation memories speed up the translation process, as entirely identical sections or wordings never have to be translated twice. They also ensure consistency in how your company communicates.

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