Terminology databases

Your texts, your wordings

What does terminology mean?

Terminology describes the special vocabulary and the use of technical terms to describe products and services within an industry or a company. Unwavering use of your company’s particular terminology ensures that you maintain effective and consistent communication in all languages.

What is a terminology database?

A terminology database contains all of the specific , technical terms used in the company. The first step in creating a technology database is to extract and log all terms used in current texts and documents. Authors, specialist translators and industry insiders can then expand and enlarge this initial set of terminology. All technical terms and wordings included in this list are stored in a central repository, called the terminology database. New terms and even languages can be added at any time. It’s important to note that a good terminology database will contain more than just straightforward translations; it will also extend to ‘metadata’, which means model sentences that exemplify the use of a term or a phrase, alongside videos, links to related terms and older entries (for instance previous brand names).

A terminology database ensures uniform communication inside of your company and makes certain that consistent language is used in its presentation to the outside world.

How do you benefit from maintaining a terminology database?

A terminology database helps in the production of new texts. It ensures a uniform style and consistent use of technical terms. It also lets you clearly distinguish your own brand philosophy through pitch-perfect use of your company’s specific wordings. Ultimately, maintaining a terminology database helps translators in their work while speeding up the process, which also means lower costs.

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